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Contabilidad General Diez is an accounting tool that helps small and medium-sized businesses in any activity related to accounting. It allows them to manage all the business' accounts easily thanks to a comprehensive variety of features included in a simple interface.

The tool includes Control de Vencimientos, flexible entry introduction screens, receiving and accounting of bank files in Q43 format, management of the company's books, account withdrawal, IVA books, legalization of official books, and a generator of customizable reports. You will find all these tools contained in Contabilidad General Diez.

But that's not all. You'll also have access to certificates of rental deduction, search by amount entry, automatic or manual conciliation, automatic closure processes and opening exercises, consolidation and accounting analysis, different work modules...the list of features is enormous.

Regarding liquidations and models that you can present in the Tributary Agency, they are divided into fractional payments and informative declarations. In the first grouping, you'll have the 111, 115, 123, 130 and 30 models while the second group contains the 180, 190, 193, 340, 347, 349, and 390 models.

Of course, Contabilidad General Diez includes a comprehensive management of documents. You can print out the payment documents with the information that's recorded on the expiration of the forms. Additionally, you can also digitalize forms and attach documents that are scanned or in PDF.

Contabilidad General Diez is an very comprehensive accounting solution that has all the features mentioned previously. Even better, these features come ready to go and organized within an interface that's very easy to use and intuitive. It's a tool that's designed specifically so that any user can get the most out of it.

Repository: ppa:michael-astrapi/ppa
Architecture: i386


The trial version only allows you to record 100 accounting entries. Additionally, it won't generate a presentation model to AEAT and only allows for one company.

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